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Friday 5th Feb

Friday 05.2.21 

Good morning Year 5! Here is your work for today!

This afternoon is the Lovers' Lane Bake off. So feel free to step away from all of your screens and spend some time creating scrummy cakes in the kitchen instead ( with an adult to help!) Please send us pictures of your cakes! Have fun


Online Lessons

TEAMS MEETING 10am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today for today's Spellings, English and GR lesson

TEAMS MEETING - OPTIONAL - 1.15 pm - Log into Microsoft Teams at 1.15pm today for our Art lesson learning how to draw noses and eyes! Tricky!


Work to be carried out independently;

English (only if not attending Live Lesson)  Complete the subordinating clauses test

Reading (only if not attending Live Lesson) Martin Luther King Biography

Maths - from Mrs freestone.

Daily 10 - Have a go at the questions in your book

Take 5 and Breathe -Find some peace and quiet, click on the link below and Breathe!!!!

Compare and order fractions greater than 1 (first part of worksheet)

Please email Mrs Freestone your completed maths work.