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Friday 5th Feb

Here is our class WAGOLL to help you with your version of the White Fox

Friday is here again! Well done for all your hard work this week.  Make sure you have a good rest.


I hope to see your pictures if you do any baking this afternoon.


10am Live Teams Lesson

1) Spellings - Fridge words

2) Guided reading - a report

3) Writing last two chapters


Maths - What is an Equivalent Fraction?  If your mum asked you whether you would like 1/2 a pizza or 4/8 what would you say? Does it matter which one you ask for?


No lessons this afternoon, we hope you enjoy spending time with your family doing something together, hopefully you might be able to join in with the Great Lovers' Lane Bake Off?


See you on Monday.

Spellings -Fridge words for Zhun sound spelt -sion