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Friday 26th February 2021

Friday 26th February 2021


Maths – Recap 2D Shapes

With a grown up watch our shape song and join in if you can.

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Items around the House Shape Challenge

Around the house can you find different items to make the different shapes, you could use Lego pieces, wooden bricks, straws, pipe cleaners, stones etc. When you’ve made the different shapes can you talk about them. Here are some questions to start with:

  • Do they have any corners?
  • Are their sides straight or curved?
  •  How many sides do they have?
  • You could also look for similarities and differences between the shapes together.

Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition Recap

RECAP - Today we’re going to recap a card from last week which was a difficult picture card. It is ‘VULTURE’.

Can you remember what a VULTURE is? Where can you find a VULTURE?


Don't forget to watch Miss Harding teaching the phonics session on Tapestry.

Fancy Fridays

(Baking, Art, Making and Creating)

'Safari Art and Crafts'

Draw a picture or make a model of a Safari animal from this week’s story ‘The Ugly Five’. You can use crayons, paints, pencils or make a model using playdough, cardboard boxes or tubes. Don’t forget to post pictures of your creation on Tapestry.

Here are some examples: