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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February 2021 


Phonics - Videos sent by text. If you are not receiving these, please let me know. 


English - Today you are going to be a superstar detective. Find words in the story that describe the star and then add your own. There are some in the picture below to get you started. 

Next we are going to think about and write what stars do. Make a list of your ideas. Finally we are going to put these ideas together to make sentences. Look at the picture below to guide you. 


Maths - Flashback 4 to set you started. Watch the video to help you with the task. Today's lesson is about drawing 2D shapes. 


PSHE - We have all experienced lots of different feelings, especially over the last few months! Your final task of the week is to read through and think about recognising these feelings using the PowerPoint. Your task is to then match the feelings to the activties. How many have you experienced? 


Please send me emails with pictures of your work. 


Hope you all have a very lovely weekend.