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Friday 12th February 2021

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Literacy: Chinese New Year

Today we will finish the zig zag book started yesterday, retelling the story of Chinese New Year (or the story map if you did this instead.) Please ask your child to use their zig zag book to retell the story orally and, if possible, record them and upload to Tapestry so that we can watch. Thank you 🙂




Phonics: Sound Blending 14 and recap of 'x'

After you have watched the videos today I would like you to have a go at Phase 2 Buried Treasure on Phonics Play. Just like last time, the screen you need should look like this and the link is below. Please choose 'revise all Phase 2 sounds'


Maths: Time

Today I would like you to use all of the skills you have learnt over the past week to choose two activities from the sheets below. As always, please complete these in your Home Learning book and upload any pictures to Tapestry ⌚⏰⏲




Creative / Topic / Physical: Fancy Friday


Music Mondays (all about singing, music and instruments)

Technology Tuesdays (activities on apps, Busy Things, activities using a pc or tablet) 

Wellbeing Wednesdays (yoga, mindfulness, PE and relaxation)

Thinking Thursdays (Science, investigations, exploring the world and nature)

Fancy Fridays (art, making, baking and creating)


Chinese New Year

For screen-free Friday I would like you to have a go at painting/making the first letter of you name in Chinese! You could make it out out playdough, collage it, paint it, make it out of loose parts or even build it out of Lego! Here is an alphabet chart to help you:


After that there are some more screen free activities for you to choose from if you would like to, here are some to choose from: