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Friday 12th February 2021

Friday 12th February 2021


Maths – Recap 2D Shapes

With a grown up watch our shape song and join in if you can.

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

After the song with a grown up look at the 2D shapes below and see if your child can name all the shapes we’ve been learning over the past few weeks.

Superhero 2D Shape Pairs Game

Interactive 2D Shape Pairs Game – The aim of this activity is to encourage your children to match the shape pictures to the correct name. Follow the link to access the game, once you are on the web page enter the code you were sent in a text message this morning.

While you’re doing this activity with your child make sure you are using vocabulary to describe the different shapes to support your child’s understanding of 2D shapes.

Phonics – Read Write Inc Picture Recognition

 Today the new picture card is ‘BOOT’.


From this week all phonics activities will be on Tapestry with a video of Miss Harding teaching the lesson. 

Fancy Fridays

(Baking, Art, Making and Creating)

Today we're going to have an arts and crafts screen free afternoon to allow you to spend some time as a family doing some Chinese New Year arts and crafts. Below is a table of ideas for you to choose from, you can do as many of them as you would like. Don't forget to post your photos on Tapestry or email them to me at I hope you have a fun afternoon spending time as a family.