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Fri 12th Feb

Friday 12.2.21 

Good morning Year 5! It's our last day of work then a week off!!! smiley Here is your work for today!

This afternoon is no screen Friday again! Read the document below then watch the "Assembly" video below to find out all about it. Next have a go at an activity. There are some ideas below. Please send us pictures of your Chinese New Years creations! Have fun and have a great week off. Live Lessons start again on the Monday 22nd February at 10 am xxxx


Online Lessons

TEAMS MEETING 10am - Log into Microsoft Teams at 10am today for today's Spellings, and Hot write


Work to be carried out independently;

English (only if not attending Live Lesson)  Complete your biography Hot Write

Reading (only if not attending Live Lesson) Chinese New Year

Maths - from Mrs freestone.

Add mixed numbers

Please email Mrs Freestone your completed maths work.