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Mrs Williams and Mrs Hopewell

We are aware that some parents are having issues uploading pictures and videos to Tapestry or by the contact form on the class webpage. If you are having any problems then please find my email address below. You will then be able to send me any photo's or videos you have directly from your phone or tablet, which will hopefully will be much easier. If you have set Tapestry up successfully and are not experiencing any issues then please continue to use this as normal. Thank you again for all of your hard work at home smiley

Home Learning Activities

In your Home Learning books you will find the following sheets to use as extra home learning activities for your child:         

        - Home Fun sheets - A range of activities that can be completed if you haven't   

          already done them.


        - 30 Days Lego Challenge - Follow the instructions for each day. The only rule is to

           have fun and use you imagination. Don't forget to post your photos of the

           challenges on Tapestry!


        - Busy Things Login - Visit the following website where you can access lots of

          different educational games. -


Below are a list of websites that may be useful to you whilst at home. Lots of them, such as Twinkl, currently have free access for parents in order to help support your children with their home learning.



There will different home learning activities to be completed each day, it is important you complete these to support your child's educational development.

Here is a great activity I found that children can do on any smartphone or tablet. I had so much fun exploring the different animals that I really wanted to share it with you! Here are instructions on how to access the 3D images.


On a smartphone, open the Google homepage.

In the search bar type the name of an animal - I chose tiger.



Press search and wait for the index to load.

Scroll down the page and shortly after the Wikipedia entry you will see 'view in 3D'. 



Click on the 'view in 3D' option and wait for the animal to load! You can explore the animal in 3D and move it around your house. You can even screenshot your child appearing to stroke the animal! Dont forget to send me any pictures you take. Here is a tiger in my living room!



Monday 30th March 2020


Maths - Number 10!

Today I would like you to think about the number 10. Here is a video for you to watch all about 10.


Can you write the number 10? Can you write it really big and also really small? Can you find the number 10 anywhere in your house? Take a photo of it if you can. Maybe on a clock or a house number? Can you make the number 10 out of playdough? Can you find 10 of the same object? 10 buttons or 10 Lego bricks? Can you show your grown up 10 fingers? 


Literacy - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

I love this book! If you have a copy at home you can read it with a grown up, if you don't here is an animated version for you to watch:


After you have watched the video or read the book, think about the Tales Toolkit symbols. Here is a reminder for you:

We think about the characters, the setting, the problems and the solutions. There are lots of different problems in this book! How do they solve them all? Talk about these symbols with your grown up.


Phonics - 'i'

Today the video you will watch will be for the sound 'i'. Remember, when we write an 'i' we say 'down the insects body, dot for his head!' Can you try writing 'i' in lots of different ways? You could write it, paint it, make it out of playdough, write it on the computer, even write it in shaving foam or flour! 


Creative activitiy - Cosmic Yoga!

Yoga is a really fun activity to try at home on your own or with your family. All you need is a little bit of space and to be able to access YouTube on your tv or laptop. Here is a We're Going on a Bear Hunt themed yoga session:






Friday 27th March 2020


Maths - Where is Teddy?

Take turns to hide a teddy bear outside. Give clues for other members of your family to find it. Try to use positional language such as 'behind', 'on top', 'next to', 'under' so that teddy can be found. 

Can your child follow your instructions - Can you put teddy under the flower? Can you put teddy behind a tree? Can you put teddy beside the chair? Can you put teddy on top of the bench? Remember to take photo's of teddy in all of his hiding places!


Literacy - Handa's Surprise

Today I would like you to edit your story map that you made on Wednesday. In school we edit our story maps by sticking a Post It note over the part we would like to change. We then draw what we are changing on the Post It note. You could do this by sticking a piece of paper over instead. When we are editing our story we are looking for a way of making the story different to everyone elses. You might change a character, an object or the setting. Retell the story with your changes. For example, I am going to change Handa to a boy called Sam. On my Post It note I would draw Sam and stick him over the pictures of Handa on my story map. I would retell my story changing it to Sam's Surprise!


Phonics - t

Today the video you will be watching will be about the sound 't'. Play I-Spy with a grown up, only spying items that begin with the 't' sound. How many can you find? Here is the link to today's video:


Creative activity - Outdoor painting!

This activity is always a hit in Foundation. Children can practise writing their names, drawing their family, absolutely anything and even better, there's no mess! You can use any brushes you have.





Thursday 26th March


Maths - Repeating patterns

Can you make repeating patterns with toys, food or natural objects found outside? Try to make the patterns as difficult as you can, how many colours/objects can you use? Can you continue a pattern started by a grown up? What would come next in these patterns?











Literacy - Handa's Surprise

Today I would like you to retell the story of Handa's Surprise using your story map from yesterday. It would be brilliant if your grown up could video you retelling your story and then send me it on Tapestry. A big thank you to everybody that sent me pictures of your story maps from yesterday, you are all such amazing artists! 


Phonics - 'd'

Here is the link for today's video -

Today you should be finding out how to read and write the sound 'd'. Can you play Kim's Game with objects that all start with the 'd' sound? You could use a dinosaur, dinner plate, duster, digger or toy dog! Put all of the items onto a tray and cover it with a cloth or tea towel. Close your eyes and ask your grown up to take away one item. Can you work out which one is missing? Can you make labels for all of the objects or draw them in your Home Fun book?  


Creative - Playdough / Dough Disco!

We love playdough in F2 and this is a really easy recipe for you to make some at home. You can add any colouring/flavouring you like, you can even add cocoa powder to make chocolatey playdough! After it has cooled why not get some exercise by taking part in a Dough Disco workout, it's lots of fun and great for strengthening little fingers. Here is the recipe for no cook playdough:


Here is the link for an introduction video to Dough Disco:





Wednesday 25th March 2020


Maths - Number Ordering

Today I would like you to collect 10 leaves from your garden (or 20 if you're feeling super smart!). With a felt tip pen can you write a number 1-10 (or 20) on each leaf? Ask another person in your family to jumble all the leaves up for you. Can you put them back into the correct order to make your own leaf number line? Don't forget to take a picture of your number line for me and put it on Tapestry! 

Challenge - Can you count in two's to 10 or 20? Remember we start at 0 and miss a number each time we count.


Literacy - Handa's Surprise

If you haven't watched the animated story yet, here is the link:

Today I would like you to draw your own story map for Handa's Surprise. If you need a reminder there is an example at the bottom of this page. All you need is a piece of paper and some pencils or colours. Talk about how the story starts and draw your first picture. Then use an arrow to draw a picture of what happened next in the story. Keep going until you reach the end of the story. Remember, you don't need to draw every page, only the main events. Think about the character puppets you made yesterday, have you remembered to include those characters in your story map?


Phonics - a

Yesterday's Read Write Inc video was the letter 'a'. Do you have the letter 'a' in your name? Can you spot the letter 'a' in 

M r s   W i l l i a m s?


Today I would like you to practise writing your first and second name.  Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of each name. Send me a picture on Tapestry, I can't wait to see them! 


Creative activity - bird feeders

I love sitting in my dining room and looking at the birds in my garden. Do you have any birds in your garden? Why not encourage them by making this easy bird feeder? You could take photo's of any birds that you see or count how many come to your garden.


You will need:

Pipe cleaners or string

Cheerio's (or any other round cereal)





Tuesday 24th March 2020


Maths - Size ordering

Choose 5 of your favourite toys. Which is the tallest? Which is the shortest? Can you order them? If you have a ruler at home, why not measure them and label them in cm's. Have a think about who lives in your house. Who is the tallest? Can you put your family in order from tallest to shortest? 


Literacy - Handa's Surprise

Watch the animated story of Handa's Surprise. Before you watch, think about the Tales Toolkit symbols from yesterday. Who are the characters in the story? Where is it set? What is the problem that happens? What is the solution? Encourage your child to join in with the parts that they remember whilst you are watching the video.

Make a set of lollipop stick puppets of the characters in the story. If you dont have lollipop sticks, straws also work, as do strips of thick card. You can draw and cut out your own characters or you can print out the ones here:

Use your puppets to retell the story of Handa's Surprise!


Phonics - Read Write Inc

I hope you were able to watch the first video uploaded yesterday onto the Read Write Inc YouTube page. If you didn't manage, the link you need is in yesterday's Phonics section below. Unfortunately, each video is only available for 24 hours. The sound you should have looked at is 'm'. We remember this sound by saying 'Maisie, mountain, mountain.' Can you write lots of 'm' sounds at home? Maybe you could make them out of playdough, maybe you could paint them or simply write them on a piece of paper in lots of different colours!

Remember to have a piece of paper and a pencil handy to watch today's video!


Here is the link to today's video:


Creative activity - feelings faces

Look through any old magazines, catalogues or leaflets you have at home. Draw a simple face shape onto a piece of paper. Cut out the eyes, noses and mouths and arrange them to make funny faces. If you have some pebbles in the garden you could stick the pictures on with white glue. How do the faces look? Are they happy, sad or worried? Why do you think they are feeling that way?

Monday 23rd March 2020


Maths - Estimating

Look in your cupboards and find items you can count like pasta, cereal, buttons or paper clips. Take a spoonful of each (ideally the numbers should be below 20 so adjust the spoon size if necessary) and put them in individual bowls or in heaps on the table. Ask your child questions such as, do you think there are more pieces of pasta or more buttons? How do you know? Can you prove it? Your child could count them or put them in pairs. Compare two more sets of items but this time ask which has got less. Out of all of the sets which has got the most / least? How many have you got of each object? Can you write a label to show me the number? 


Literacy - Handa's Surprise

Click on the link above to watch the story of Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne above. Before the story starts, pause for a moment to look at the front cover. Can you ask your child to think about the Tales Toolkit symbols below (we look at these every day in school so your child will know what they are!) : Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution.

Who do you think the characters in the story might be? Do you think there might be animals in the story? Where might the story take place? What problem do you think might happen? What could the solution be? Discuss your child's ideas - there are no right or wrong suggestions!

Watch the story, talking about what happens as you go along. When it has finished, look again at the Tales Toolkit symbols. Were your suggestions right? Your child should now be able to tell you the main characters in the book (Handa, Akeyo, the goat, the animals), the setting (in Africa), the problem (the animals steal all of Handa's fruit) and the solution (the goat fills her basket with tangerines, Akeyo's favourite fruit!) Discuss the fruits that Handa takes to Akeyo. Have you ever eaten them before? Find pictures of them on the internet and talk about them. You could even draw pictures of them and label them!


Phonics - Read Write Inc

As I'm sure you all know by now we have recently started using the Read Write Inc phonics scheme in school. This is a scheme developed by Ruth Miskin that teaches children Speed Sounds, Red and Green words and nonsense words, all with the help of Fred the Frog. It is essential that the children learn the sounds in the correct order in order to follow the scheme successfully. As so many children will miss their daily phonics session, Ruth Miskin will be uploading a Read Write Inc phonics session onto her YouTube and Facebook page daily. For your child in F2, the videos they need to watch are Set 1 Speed Sounds, which will be uploaded at 9:30am every day and will be available for a period of 24 hours. Your children should already be familiar with many of these sounds as we have looked at them over the past half term. It may help if your child has a piece of paper and a pencil handy whilst watching the video as letter formation is also covered within a Read Write Inc phonics session. Afterwards your child could practise forming the letter, making sure to repeat the rhyme they have learnt during the video, ie, 'down Nobby, over his net' or 'round the girls face, down her hair, give her a curl.' Whilst these may sound unusual they will be very familiar to your child! 


Creative Activity - Rainbows

Can you make a picture of a rainbow? You could draw it, paint it or collage it. Then display your picture in your house windows to brighten up everyone's day at this difficult time. Parents you can read the following report to explain how the country is spreading hope with these rainbow pictures. -

Children love routine and family time, especially in uncertain times, so here are some ideas for a daily timetable whilst home schooling:

Contact Mrs Williams here if you have any questions or need help with your work at home.

Please use this form to get in touch with Mrs Williams who will help with your questions.


Here you can find out lots of information about what we have been learning about in Spring Term 2020.


We have had such a busy few weeks in Foundation 2. This half term we have been continuing to explore our Fantasy Settings topic and have really enjoyed looking at the settings Julia Donaldson uses in her brilliant stories. We all have our favourite book, mine is Room on the Broom and Mrs Hopewell really likes Tiddler! Why not ask your child if they can tell you their favourite Julia Donaldson story, they might even draw you a story map to retell it to you! 


As part of our Fantasy Settings topic we have been exploring places such as the rainforest, space, underwater and the desert. We have made dragons, split pin giraffes, monkeys with bouncy arms and legs and even pirate hats. The Creative Station in F2 is never empty! Depending on what happens over the next few weeks you may find that some of the activities posted for you to do at home reflect some of these places that we have explored.


As part of Talk for Writing, the children have all been learning how to draw and edit story maps of the books we have shared together in Literacy. Below is an example of a story map for the book Handa's Surprise. Our story maps get us to think about four things that happen in a story:

- Characters

- Setting

- Problem

- Solution

We always start our story maps with what happened at the beginning of the story and finish with what happened at the end. What you draw in the rest of the story map is up to you but we always remind the children that the events must happen in the correct order. We then use our finished story map to retell the story in our own words. It would be amazing if you could record your child retelling a story and send me the video on Tapestry!


Now, more than ever, we need your support in showing us what your child does at home via Tapestry. This is such a valuable way for us to see your child doing things that they may not experience whilst in school. Any photo, video or comment that you can upload will help us to build a bigger picture of your child's development. We can then use this evidence when assessing the children in relation to the Early Learning Goals at the end of the school year. If you need any help in sending me anything via Tapestry please don't hesitate to use the 'Contact Mrs Williams' form on the F2 class web page. As a Foundation Unit we love seeing pictures and videos of the children at home and, please be reassured, you can never send in too many! 


As always, the Foundation team are here if you need help with anything. Please don't hesitate to use the Contact form to send me any questions or queries you may have. I will do my very best to get back to you as quickly as I can. 


Mrs Williams 


Handa's Surprise story map example:


















F2's Latest News

We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.

We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  1 We decorated a Chinese dragon on the whiteboard.
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  2 We made Chinese lanterns and decorated them.
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  3 We made some Chinese butter biscuits.
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  4
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  5
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  6
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  7
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  8
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  9
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  10
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  11
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  12
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  13
We had a great time learning about Chinese New Year.  14 We ate Fortune cookies.

Our Autumn walk to the park was a huge success, the children had lots of fun looking for leaves, sticks, conkers and looking at all of the trees.

On here you can find out lots of information about what we are learning. In the Foundation Stage, your child’s learning is guided by the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is composed of 7 areas of learning.  Below you can find more information about each area of learning and some photos of activities we have been doing to support each area. 

A few reminders ...



Our PE is on a Thursday. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in a drawstring bag on their peg on a Thursday. The PE kit should include navy or black jogging bottoms or leggings for girls, plain black or navy shorts, plain white t-shirt, navy sweatshirt or jumper and trainers for outdoors, plimsolls for indoors.




Our Forest School session is on a Friday. Please make sure your child brings their wellington boots and is dressed appropriately to keep warm, dry and have lots of fun in our school grounds.



ReadingIt is our school’s new expectation that Foundation Children need to read 4 times every week to be rewarded with a treat.  So please keep reading. Come on F2 wouldn’t it be great for everyone to be rewarded with the next treat? Can we do it? - Yes we can! Books are changed every week.  Please write this in your child's school diary.



Home fun – Our school expectation is for you to complete one piece of home fun each week. If you can complete more that is brilliant. Certificates are awarded to children who complete one piece each week and prizes to those who do more. We collect the home fun books in on a Tuesday and send them out again on a Friday to give chance for the books to be marked.