The Forest School approach.

Forest School is practical hands on learning and exploring in the great outdoors. It is for all children from early years onwards and is for all abilities and learning styles. It helps supports children’s health and wellbeing.

Forest schools was developed by John Blaney and his team after a research trip to kindergartens in Denmark 1993. Whilst out there they observed five to seven years olds “and saw how they were outside all day in woodlands exploring freely.” These children were allowed adult tools under supervision and were also enabled to take ‘risks’ such as climb trees and building high structures. On return home they developed Forest School.

Forest School builds confidence, independence, and self-esteem and encourages pupils to be active independent learners in a practical, fun, enjoyable, active way.

We believe our pupils deserve this opportunity too and that’s why we have Forest School Fridays.


Clothing – What we all need to wear (Staff too!)

Pupils and staff are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for Forest School which will protect them from extremes of hot and cold weather and cover them to reduce the possibility of cuts, scratches and grazes, bites and stings. It should be of suitable fit and meet any religious requirements.

Pupils, parents / carers and staff should be aware that it is very likely clothes will get dirty and muddy.

Long trousers or leggings

Long sleeved top

Suitable coat if needed preferably waterproof

Sunhat if needed

Wellington boots or stout walking type boots

Hat and gloves in cold weather

Extra layers if it is very cold and warm socks

As a school we have a small supply of waterproof jackets and trousers but parents can send their own if they wish.

Have a look at some of the things we have done on Forest School Fridays.

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