November 21

It has been “No Pens Wednesday” today and we have made our lovely Christmas swans for our Lovers’ Lane Tree in the Church.  No drawing involved!!!!wink

November 2021

Our fantastic finished pots!!!


October 2021

We have been designing and making coil pots in art this half term! Looks much easier that it actually is!


June 2021

We created embroidered collages and learned lots of knew skills. Threading the needle being the hardest!!


June 2021

We used oil pastels to create pictures of Earth. We smudged the pastels to create depth.


May 2021

Marvellous Mountains. We used bright colours and patterns to make our art striking.


December 2020


We used oil pastels to make calendars inspired by the artist Kandinsky

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Dec 2020

Printing Christmas cards with two colours

Year 5 Art work 2020-2021
Remembrance Pictures

Nov 2020

As part of our DT this year we designed and made model Anderson shelters. It was great fun! 

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Blitz pictures

              Year 5 Art Work


Our first “reflections” lesson, drawn at Newark Castle by the River Trent on a lovely,sunny day in March🌷🌞


Marvellous mountains using line, colour and pattern

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Blossom trees using cotton wool buds

Victorian style pulley toys

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                 Year 5 Art work

                 from 2018-2019

Beautiful art work inspired by Gustav Klimt.

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As part of our Islam topic we used inks and markers to design some beautiful prayer mats.


As part of Exciting Writing week we worked collaboratively to create a frieze of fantasy images to inspire our creative writing. We worked together brilliantly.


We made glass tea light holders too, like the lanterns in the story


Erupting volcano paintings

Oil pastel Earth pictures

The Three Heads of King Charles.

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Year 5 Dreamcatchers

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