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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Young is the year 3 class teacher with teaching assistants Mrs Potter (am) and Mrs Troop (pm).

Mrs Watts teaches on a Tuesday morning.

Mrs Lambert teaches P.E and Mr Ambler teaches Spanish on a Tuesday afternoon.


This is our class page where you can find out about what we are learning and resources to help you.


Our topic for this term is, 'The Anglo-Saxons'.  We will be learning about the different Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, life in Anglo-Saxon times, Beowulf and the Gods. In Art we will be designing and painting our own heroes and monsters based on Beowulf and sculpting Anglo-Saxon jewellery. In science we will be learning about magnets and forces. 


Expectations in Year 3

  • Reading Diary and book in school every day
  • Reading at least 3 times a week at home.
  • Diary and homework check on Fridays 
  • Children to take responsibility bringing in their own equipment



Year 3 PE is on a Tuesday.

Please make sure that you have correct equipment (shorts/ t-shirt/ trainers/ joggers and jumpers for cold weather).



Swimming for Year 3 has now finished. The children have had a great 9 weeks at the leisure centre and have all made fantastic progress. Swimming will resume in the Summer term of Year 4.

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What's coming up this term


To see what is coming up this term please click the link below


Year 3 Spelling List
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In year 3, homework will given out on Friday and is to be returned the following Friday. The children will have one piece of SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and one piece of Maths to complete.



In computing we are learning about programming. The children are writing code and looking at javascript. One of the programmes we use is called 'Hour of Code'. This a fun, free site where children can write code in the marvoulous world of Minecraft. You can access this site at home by clicking the picture below:

Topic Area


Anglo-Saxon Looms


As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic and D & T work, we have each designed, made and evaluated our own Anglo-Saxon style loom. Looms were used by Anglo-Saxons to create cloth which were then made into clothes. Instead of weaving yarn, we used our 'Forest School' area to collect natural materials to weave through our looms. Read about the process and see the results below:


  • Firstly, we looked at looms to see what they were used for and how they were made.
  • After that we designed our own looms, considering what features would make a successful loom.
  • Next we created the frame and then wound wool around it to enable us to weave.
  • Our next task was to visit the 'Forest School' area and collect lots of different natural materials for weaving.
  • Once we had collected enough natural materials for weaving, we starting to create our own individual designs. We used, twigs, bark, leaves and grass.  We found that conifer branches were great for weaving as they were bendy.
  • After we had completed our designs we presented our finished looms. Some of us have taken our looms home and some of us have displayed our looms in the 'Forest Schools' area. Feel free to take a look.
We finished off with ice-poles, in the sun. A lovely end to a busy half term!

Anglo-Saxon Artefacts


In topic we have been looking at different artefacts from Anglo-Saxon times. We discussed what artefacts are, what we can learn from them and what they reveal about Anglo-Saxon times. In our table groups, (which are named after Anglo-Saxon kingdoms) we examined different artefacts and presented our thoughts about them to the rest of the class.


During the Summer term we will be developing our skills in using the formal written method for multiplication. Home work to support our class learning will be given out in the coming weeks.


In maths we have been studying fractions. We have been looking at what fractions are, how to identify a fraction, vocabulary and fraction pairs. To help us we have used a variety of resources including Numicon. Have a look at our fraction pairs lesson below.

Times Tables


In year 3 our target is to be fluent in recalling our 3, 4 and 8 times tables, as well as the 2, 5, and 10's that we learnt in year 2. We use lots of different strategies to help us calculate them. A great game to help with times tables fluency is 'Hit the Button'. Why not have a go here: