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Here at Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery, we deeply value the team ethic and our drive is always toward the best for our children. The School Community work together to shape the direction of the school and to plan for improvement, which targets best practice and enjoyable, engaging learning for all our pupils. In our community, we understand the importance of the school as a wider resource and also work with community partners to enable opportunities for parents, families and the wider community too.


In September 2016, the School Improvement Plan (SIP) was reviewed and updated. This is available on this page through the link to our SIP. Each element of work is highlighted as it is completed and notes are added to annotate progress against our targets. Staff are assigned Subject Leader roles and work with link governors who monitor curriculum and standards through regular contact with staff members and visits to the school, where their time spent includes conversations with pupils, looking at children's work and talking to staff at all levels.


The SIP is reviewed on a regular basis and is formally updated each term. Our pupil, parent and community voice is very important to us at Lovers' Lane Primary and Nursery. In January 2017, we held a School Visioning Inset, which was attended by children, parents, governors, school staff, Family SENCO, Local Behaviour Team Leaders (SBAP), Local Secondary school leaders, Bridge Street Children's Centre staff and others. This was most positive and  took the shape of a 'PATH' (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). All of our community were represented and contributed to our BIG dreams, what we feel can be achieved towards these by a year from now and what we need to stay on track to achieve our hopes and goals. We wish to send a big thanks to Sharon and Kelsey who facilitated our PATH event - it was a great morning!

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Summary 2017-18



Click here to see our latest School Improvement Plan 2017-18