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  Welcome to Lovers' Lane Foundation Stage.    


Welcome to our Foundation Stage class pages . We hope these pages help you to support your child(ren) with their learning. In Foundation we consist of Foundation 1 Part-Time children (3 to 4 year old's) and Foundation 2 Full-Time children (4 to 5 year old's).


 In Foundation 1 we offer the 30 hour free childcare extended entitlement. If you would like to find out more information   please visit our 30 hour extended entitlement childcare page.


The staff and children work closely alongside each other to make sure your child(ren) have the best possible experience whilst at Lovers' Lane during their Foundation Stage year(s.)


Meet the staff


                                                      Foundation 1 Staff                                                                           

                                                        Miss Harding                              Class Teacher        

                                                       Mrs Spowage                              Teaching Assistant  

                                                       Mrs Saunders/Mrs Lambert       Class Cover (PPA time/PE)        


                                                                                          Foundation 2 Staff


                                                         Mrs Dodson & Mrs Saunders           Class Teachers

                                                        Mrs Hopewell                                   Teaching Assistant 

                                                      Mrs Saunders/Mrs Lambert             Class Cover (PPA time/PE)                                               



Look at the activities we have done together :)

We let our butterfly friends go to fly in the sunshine. Bye bye butterflies!!

Bonfire Night Celebration - We had some yummy hot dogs at school to celebrate Bonfire Night!