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    Welcome to Lovers' Lane Foundation Unit!    


Welcome to our Foundation Unit class pages where you will be able to follow F1 and F2's journey through the year. We hope this page will help you to support your child(ren) further in their learning with our virtual support. We are a Unit for 3 to 5 year old children which means our unit consists of F1 Part-Time children and F2 Full-Time children. The staff and children work closely alongside each other to make sure your child(ren) have the best experience possible whilst at Lovers' Lane Foundation Unit.


Meet the staff in Foundation

                        F1 Staff                                                                                               F2 Staff

Miss Harding                       Class Teacher                                             Miss Symonds & Mrs Saunders           Class Teacher

Mrs Spowage                      Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Hopewell                                     Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lambert/Mrs Watts    Class Cover                                                 Mrs Lambert/Mrs Watts                    Class Cover 



Autumn Term 2 2017

Our topic this term is....

                    Which celebration do you like?



  • Some of the celebrations we will be learning about are Diwali, Bonfire Night, Hanukkah and Christmas.


  • We will be doing our Christmas play in December. You will be finding out your parts soon. 


  • We will be learning lots more signs and symbols so we can use our talking hands.


  • We will keep learning our numbers and shapes. 



If you would like to find any more detail about our learning each term please find it on the curriculum page.




Our Autumn Term 2 Home Fun

Lovers’ Lane Primary School

Home-Learning Menu

It is expected that you complete one home-learning task per week. You do not have to do all the activities listed below, it is your choice which ones you would like to do each week. The tasks are linked to the topic we will be covering in class.

Please hand in your books by Tuesday 19th December 2017. There will be a prize for the children that have completed the most tasks.

This is in addition to reading your book at least 3 times a week which needs to be recorded in your child’s reading diary. Please remember it is 4 times per week to be invited to the next Reading Celebration.


Christmas Play Songs

Woolly Sheep

Sleepy Shepherd

One Starry Night

Would you like to come along?

Under a Star

Bumpy Road

Wake up, Wake up!

Bonfire Night Celebration - We had some yummy hot dogs at school to celebrate Bonfire Night!