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Welcome to Foundation 2 Class Page

Showing respect - We learnt about Easter and showed respect to a Christian festival.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 1 We worked together to make up our own racing game.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 2 We had a great time making our own game.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 3 We acted out our own story on stage.

Working Together is one of our Team Swan school values.

Our rewards

Our rewards 1
Our rewards 2 We earned 20 tokens! We had a golden treat .
Our rewards 3 Here we are using our new pens straight away.

Aspiring is one of our Team Swan school values.

We enjoy reading books.  Sometimes we read on our own and sometimes with our friends.  Sometimes sat at our pretend camp fire too!  Reading is one of our whole school targets.  Please keep reading whenever you can.


Maths 1 We chose to practise writing numbers.

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design 1
Look at my clever art work I made from the ice.  Do you like my smiley face?

Out and About

Out and About 1 Our class visit to see the trees in church.

Our Class Timetable.

Our Class Timetable. 1

A few reminders ...



Our PE is on a Thursday. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in a drawstring bag on their peg on a Thursday. The PE kit should include navy or black jogging bottoms or leggings for girls, plain black or navy shorts, plain white t-shirt, navy sweatshirt or jumper and trainers for outdoors, plimsolls for indoors.




Our Forest School session is on a Friday. Please make sure your child brings their wellington boots and is dressed appropriately to keep warm, dry and have lots of fun in our school grounds.



ReadingIt is our school’s new expectation that Foundation Children need to read 5 times every week to be rewarded with a treat.  So please keep reading. Come on F2 wouldn’t it be great for everyone to be rewarded with the next treat? Can we do it? - Yes we can! Books are changed on a Tuesday.  Our challenge is 40 reads to be completed at home and entered into the school reading diary.  The deadline is Friday 16th March.  The celebration event will take place on Thursday 22nd March for bedtime stories.  Mrs Cobb is our special guest!



Home fun – Our school expectation is for you to complete one piece of home fun each week. If you can complete more that is brilliant. Certificates are awarded to children who complete one piece each week and prizes to those who do more. We collect the home fun books in on a Tuesday and send them out again on a Thursday to give chance for the books to be marked.



Picture 1
These are all the sounds and words we have so far in our learning at school.  They are also mentioned on the Home Fun grid.  Please encourage your child to use the sounds to make words and use the words to write their own sentences.  If you are unsure of the sounds then please ask.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


For one of your Home Fun tasks, please visit and enter your child's log-in details (stuck in Home Fun book).  Any problems please see Mrs Hopewell, who will be happy to assist you.